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Why Choose SoHC Limited

At Solutions Healthcare our pregorative is to ensure we are constantly delivering on our promise of quality and client driven health services. Effectively, we care for our clients based on their needs (i.e we offer bespoke care service) and we do have a method for tracking our success with our customers through our unbiased 3rd party feedback system. We make it a point of duty to address any concerns raised by our clients as swifly as possible and ensure we have their consent before closing the case file open for such concerns.

Our service lines includes but are not limited to the following:

  1. First-Aid Solutions
  2. Healthcare Staffing Solutions
  3. Specialised Cleaning Services
  4. HealthCare Consulting Services
  5. Training

Social Healthcare

SoHC offers one of the best Social & Mental Health Care services you can always depend on.


SoHC limited also provides top notch UK AED approved training to clients.

Specialised Cleaning

We also provide bespoke specialised cleaning services to care homes, hospitals, clinics e.t.c.

Staffing Solutions

We identify and recruit suitably qualified healthcare staff on behalf of our numerous clients including but not limited to; private care clients,care homes, hospitals, private clinics e.t.c.