About Solution HealthCare Services

Solutions Healthcare Services Limited is a UK registered limited liability company with companies' house UK. SoHC is an established HealthCare & Emergency Response Solutions Company, with extensive and verifible years of experience in providing top rate health services to our vast array of corporate and private clients.

We pride ourselves in our initiative and ability to take responsibility for the quality of service we provide our clients, ensuring at each step of the way that you receive over and above the outcomes you desire, starting with efficient shift coverage, followed by quality staffing and by extension client and most importantly first class patient care.

What We Offer


Solutions HealthCare Services (SoHC) offers training solutions to meet our client needs. Our training curriculum spans First Aid, Emergency & First Response, AED and tailor made trainig. We ensure that all our staff meets the minimum prerequisites as care agents and do provide any additional training required to assure they are adequately prepared to deal with any situation they may find themselves in during the course of providing service to our clients.

Cleaning Services

Solutions HealthCare Services runs a cleaning service where it provides medical industry compliant cleaning services to many hospitals and private care homes. We have staffed this functional this functional area of our business with people who hold all mandatory healthcare cleaning training including infection control and are CRB checked to the highest possible levels.


Solutions HealthCare also provides staffing solutions to private, general hospitals, nursing homes and our teams specialise in supporting the demands of Emergency, Maternity, Children's, ENT, Oncology, Geriatric, Stroke, Intensive Care, Coronary Care, Mental Health and Complex Services. We have specially trained staff in Forensic and Secure Services, General Psychiatry, Rehabilitaion, Substance Misuse, Care of the Elderly, CAMHS and Dementia Crisis. Our services includes specialist RMNS's Health Care Assistants, Doctors, Allied Health Professional and Cleaners who hold supplementary training above the mandatory requirements to ensure that exceptional patient care is deliverd on every occasion.

Healthcare Consulting Services

SoHC also offers healthcare consulting services and is dedicated to providing private clients with Nurses and Support Workers specialised in looking after patients with high dependency and complex health conditions: Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cancer (CA) - palliative or end of life carem MOtor Neuron Diseasse (MND), Heart Failure, Muscular Dystrophy (MD) Huntington's Disease (HD).

What we do

We are licensed HealthCare, Emergency Response and First Response Training Services Provider; our business includes providing Corporate Emergency Response Service in crisis situations, Supply of Emergency Response Equipment & First Response Training, Staffing Solutions for Corporate Clinics & Hospitals alike, Health & Safety Policy Document drafting & bespoke Training. We have continued to deliver on our promised value of high quality personalised services to our clients, to the effect that our client base has seen continous steady growth on year.